We can easily call this tour “An Introduction” and is a general overview of Odessa.  The history of Odessa is intertwined with the lives of several significant “Characters”. How can we imagine Odessa without Mishka Yaponchik? He is the one of the main characters in the «Criminal Odessa” tour. In the book “Odessa Stories” by Isaak Babel, Yaponchik is portrayed as the famous “BenyaKrick”.  All the people in this book, real or imagined, were born in the special atmosphere of Odessa. “Odessa yards” is another very picturesque tour which provides information about the beginning and ongoing history of Odessa.

Courtyards of Odessa

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Courtyards of Odessa , excursions Odessa

If you want to experience all of Odessa and its rich history, we strongly recommend you take our “Courtyard of Odessa” tour. This tour focuses on a particular subculture of Odessa that created the glory of Odessa, and what makes the city so special and unique. Odessa’s patio is "birthplace" of MishkaYaponchyk and Sonka the Golden Hand, Babel characters and heroes of Ilf and Petrov. Many classic movies were filmed in this courtyard including "Brief Encounter" by Kira Muratova and the well-known «Liquidation". In general, we are waiting for you! And of course, be ready to communicate with the residents of patios, since they become heroes of our excursions.

Cheerful Odessa

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Cheerful  Odessa, excursions Odessa

You may not believe us, but Odessa is the capital of humor. On April 1st, the city celebrates «Laughter day» or “Humorina Festival”. During this festival, you will see the unique, rich color of the "Odessa language" Odessa’s sparkling humor, funny fables and legends from the life of famous people.  This is the topic of the tour "Cheerful Odessa". You will hear a lot of jokes about Odessa, visit the famous market "Privoz", courtyards of Moldavanka, the "House of Clowns" and a monument devoted to «bribe of oranges". Stroll along the boulevard Zhvanetskogo, sit on the famous 12-th chair, and maybe learn a unique Odessa language. Do not wait - book our tour now …

The palaces and mansions of Odessa

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The palaces and mansions of Odessa, excursions Odessa

Architecture is music, carved in stone. If you want to enjoy the beauty and creative heritage of Odessa you should visit the tour "The Palaces and Mansions of Odessa". Here, you will see buildings designed by famous architects including Francesco Boffo and George Torricelli, Tom De Tomona and Franz Frapolli, Felix and Alexander Gonsiorovskogo - Bernardazzi, Alexander Melnikov and Yuri Dmytrenko, Francis Morandi and Leo Vlodek and many, many others –you must visit the tour.You will see the splendor of numerous palaces including those of Prince Vorontsov, merchant Novikov and Masa Baron, Baron Pfalz-Fein, Shah's Palace, Odessa Passage, mansions Princes Gagarin, Princess Naryshkin, merchant Abaza and more ...

Literary Odessa

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Literary Odessa, excursions Odessa

"Literature is the great sun of Odessa" these are the words of the great Odessa’s singer Leonid Utyosov. Odessa, pearl by the sea, is rich not only by the number of sunny days and the warm sea, but also for its literary history. Odessa was home to many writers of the XIX and XX century including Pushkin and Mickiewicz, Bunin and Kuprin, Vera Inberg ,Akhmatova, Bagritsky and Kirsanov, Babel and Olesha, Sholem Aleichem and Jabotinsky, Ilf and Petrov, Kata and Paustovsky, Zhvanetski. During the tour, you will visit the memorial sites connected with these great writers, and also the places associated with the lives of their characters. It is neither more nor less, almost all Odessa ...

Criminal world of Odessa

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Criminal world of Odessa, excursions OdessaOdessa was  the first criminal capital in The Soviet Union and had so many “shady characters” that in the 1860s, the government raised the question “to send away breakers of common peace.” One of the local newspapers said that we will empty the city if all are ejected. Different legends ,myths ,and literature works were completed about Odessa gangsters. Odessa was home to the legendary Son’ka Gold-Hand, a reputed female Robin Hood, and the famous gangster Mishka Yaponchik was born in Moldavanka. He was considered to be the head of the Odessa Mafia. He is known as Michail Yakovlevich Vinnizkyand was portrayed as Benya Crikin the book of Isaak Babel. Odessa was also home to gangster Moses Ox (nickname Cailych).

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