We can easily call this tour “An Introduction” and is a general overview of Odessa.  The history of Odessa is intertwined with the lives of several significant “Characters”. How can we imagine Odessa without Mishka Yaponchik? He is the one of the main characters in the «Criminal Odessa” tour. In the book “Odessa Stories” by Isaak Babel, Yaponchik is portrayed as the famous “BenyaKrick”.  All the people in this book, real or imagined, were born in the special atmosphere of Odessa. “Odessa yards” is another very picturesque tour which provides information about the beginning and ongoing history of Odessa.

Memorial 411 battery

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Memorial 411 battery, excursions Odessa

An architectural and artistic complex in the former fire position,the 411th coastal artillery battery was designed by front-line soldiers and opened on May 9, 1975 for the 30th anniversary of the victory over fascism. The area of 16 hectares includes an open sky museum with an exhibition of military equipment and weapons of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. This is a very interactive tour for both children and adults. During the tour, no one will prevent you from climbing on the tanks and guns, imagine a real battle, and command these huge tools of coastal defense.

Sightseeing in Odessa

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Sightseeing in Odessa, excursions Odessa

Visit Odessa’s attractions including Deribasovskaya Street, Gogol, Maritime and Zhvanetskogo boulevards, numerous squares, and Catholic and Ekaterinenskoy stories by taking the "For all Odessa" tour.  You will learn how Armand Emmanuel de Sophia Vinero dyu Plessi Septimania,, Count de Chinon, 5th Duke of Richelieu became just Duke in Odessa, and why  Odessa’s people loved him so much.  You will visit and learn about the Potemkin Stairs and hear the story about the heroic uprising on the battleship «Potemkin», as well as the creation of the epopee by Sergei Eisenstein on the very staircase. And what is Odessa without its most important "Wonder of the World" - the magnificent Opera House? This too you will see.

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