In many cities around the world there are streets, boulevards and squares, which are the symbols of these places. Odessa’s streets and boulevards are so "thick" with history that walking on them becomes a full-fledged tour. There are a lot of such places in Odessa. In this section we offer walking excursions - in fact, you need to see Odessa "with your feet". And this is such a case. Come!

Melodies of French boulevard

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French boulevard, excursions Odessa

"Little Paris" is the most common nickname of Odessa. French spirit hovers over the city’s streets and squares, such as Richelieu, Lanzheronovskaya street, Dyukovskiy garden, Richelieu Lyceum, Palais Royal,  and of course, over the pearl of Odessa, the famous French Boulevard. Once named Fontanskaya street, French Boulevard, is one of the most beautiful areas of Odessa.  The Theater of Musical Comedy is located at the beginning of Frantsuzskiy Boulevard. The Odessa Film Studio, founded in the early twentieth century and oldest in Ukraine, is also located on French Boulevard, as well as the Ukraine factory of champagne wines, the Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy named after Filatov, the famous cable car, summer residences of Renault and Marazli, the Botanical Garden, the Church of Adrian and Natalie, … You can see it all on our tour … we are waiting for you…

Primorsky boulevard

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Primorsky boulevard, excursions Odessa

Primorsky Boulevard is the symbol of our Odessa, similar to Volodymyr Hill in Kiev, Arbat in Moscow, and the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg. Primorsky  Boulevard is a seaside boulevard, famous for its history and beauty. This tour is good at any time of the day, excellent for an early morning stroll or a romantic evening getaway.

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Excursions can be ordered individually through our Facebook page. 


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arbor in the City Garden