Free Walking Tours in Odessa

Free Walking Tours in Odessa

Excursions can be ordered individually through our Facebook page. 

        Free Tours Ukraine is happy to announce launching of free walking tours in Odessa. Odessa people say: `You should see Odessa with your feet.` So let us be your guide in our unique and full of legends city.  Free Tours Odessa is the first and the only free sightseeing city tours. We want everyone to explore Odessa whatever the budget and without any reservation!

      We take you through the most interesting places in our beloved city. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will help you to feel the atmosphere of the Old and Modern Odessa and to explore its culture and history. You can determine which time works better for you.

Our tours are both fun and informative, so we promise you will love Odessa and our walks. No booking just show up and smile=) See the guide with the blue flag!

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Description of tours

Duration: 2-2,5 hours

Free Tours Ukraine is the best way to discover Odessa for any budget. We want to show you our city and make new friends. Our guides are young and enthusiastic people who speak fluent English and have a deep knowledge in history of Odessa and Ukraine in general. We also provide informational services absolutely for free.

If it is your first time in Ukraine, Free Tours is the best way of sightseeing in Odessa.

Free Tours Odessa offers you to visit two the most interesting and impressive parts of the old city center. Our tours are planned in such a way that you won`t miss anything!

We will show you seaside area of Odessa  «Seaside Boulevard». This shady seaside promenade not only reveals the picturesque panorama of Odessa bay but also abounds in historical and architectural monuments. You will see great examples of fine architecture as Opera Theatre, Shah Palace, Vorontsov Palace and a house with a globe supported by the two mighty Atlantis etc.

Also we will show you heart of Odessa with its main street  Deribasovskaya. It also includes Ekaterinenkaya Square, Monument to founders of the city, Spaso- Preobrashenskiy Cathedral, Odessa Passage, City Garden with its unique monuments and history.


Primorskiy Boulevard (Seaside Boulevard)Primorskiy Boulevard (Seaside Boulevard)  - is entrance to Odessa from port and favorite place for walking among Odessa people and quests of the city. It is remarkable by its` old architectural ensembles in Classic style. Seaside Boulevard has especial charm in the evening with glittering lights of the illumination in the trees along the boulevard. `You haven't seen Odessa until you have seen Primorsky Boulevard` is a famous saying in Odessa.




 Odessa Opera TheatreOdessa Opera Theatre - is the oldest one in Ukraine. It is a real Pearl of Odessa architecture and center of cultural life. The Opera House was built in 1809, in the time of Odessa's first mayor, Duke Richelieu. Yet in 1873 it was destroyed by fire, leaving just ruins. An international contest was pronounced to rebuild it, and finally the choice fell on two Viennese architects, Fellner and Gelmer. They say that even construction workers were humming Italian opera arias, while laying bricks, thus music seems to be put in its very foundations. So being able to visit Odessa do not neglect an opportunity to see this really outstanding place as by this architecture and decoration so by quality of performances given on its stage. It will charm you once and foreverв



 Shah's PalaceShah's Palace - was built in 1852 by architect F. Gonsiorovskiy for Polish nobleman Zenon Bzhozovsky. It is one of the most attractive buildings in Odessa. From 1909 to 1917, this charming building belonged to Persian shah Mohamed Ali who escaped from Iran and from this time it is called after his title. This marvelous palace combines English Gothic and French Medieval styles and features beautiful windows and impressive tower



Vorontsov Palace Vorontsov Palace - is former residence of general-governor of Odessa. It is situated on a high cliff at the place of the Turkish fortress Eni-Dunya. This is an ensemble consisting of several buildings that were solved in different architectural variants. The building that we see today is only the front part of the original structure. The Orlov wing comprising mainly apartments and outbuildings and considered the less valuable part of the complex, was torn down. The Colonnade in Greek style is an inseparable part of the ensemble. It is the highest point in Seaside Boulevard and is first what seamen see when their vessel arrives in Odessa Port. It is also a favorite place for wedding photo among Odessa couples.



Deribasovskaya Street Deribasovskaya Street - is one of the main streets of Odessa full of cozy caкs, luxurious shops and boutiques. The street is a walking area and it is completely closed to traffic. The name of the main street of Odessa was received in honor of the first mayor, Joseph Mikhailovich de Ribas, who governed the city since its foundation. During its history the street changed a lot of names: first - Gymnasicheskaya, then Deribasovskaya, after - La Salle, then - Chkalov and, finally, since 1941 - Deribasovskaya. On the Deribasovskaya Street there are situated the well-known attractions: monuments to Joseph de Ribas, L. L. Zamenhof, famous creator of the language Esperanto, and, of course, City Garden, favorite vacation spot of Odessa citizens and tourists.



City GardenCity Garden - was founded in 1803 by the brothers de Ribas. Since 2006, in the park there was held a full restoration, ending in 2007. Among the innovations there can be distinguished singing fountain, fully repaired and restored round stage, where are held the performances of symphony orchestras, ennobled monuments: monument to Twelfth chairs, devoted to works of Ilf and Petrov  The Twelve Chairs, monument to L. Utyosov, monument to well-known athlete and pilot S. Utochkin, monuments to the lion and lioness with the lion cubs.




Cathedral Square Cathedral Square  -“ one of the main squares of the city of Odessa. It is spiritual center of Odessa because the main Cathedral of the city is situated here. It is Spaso-Preobrazenskiy Cathedral or Cathedral or St.Transfiguration. a lot of happy and tragic events took place at this square. In the northern part of the square stands a monument to the monument of Grand Duke Mikhail S. Vorontsov. Also you can find here a large market of different hand-made souvenirs


Excursions can be ordered individually through our Facebook page. 


Meeting point and the beginning of the tour:
arbor in the City Garden