If you love your city, want to be part of a friendly team of volunteers, want to improve language and require some skills in guide’s services and interpreting, and have friends from all over the world. Join us!!! You will take part in the projects , which no one does it before  and if you have interesting ideas we will fulfill it together!



 Guides in Odessa


Insanely talented, bright and sunny girl. It was her   idea to  organize Free Tours in Odessa and develop sightseeing routes. We are grateful for her job  in Free Tours Odessa and for her creative approach.








 Николай ИщенкоMykola

Mykola is the most experienced person in Tourist Infocenter Free Tours Odessa. He is the most experienced guide in our young team. Besides being a good guide he also wise director. He  can also tell you a lot of interesting things about other cities of Ukraine, in particular, about  Kyiv as he  was the guide of  Free Tours Kiev . He has extensive experience of military service, Mikola can teach you to handle any kind of weapons. His latest dream is to study Arabic and Spanish, so don't be shy to help him.







Elen  is a very open-minded, enthusiastic, kind girl who works in Tourist Infocenter as a guide and administrator. She loves Odesa  so much that will be incredibly happy to share a part of its bright and amazing history with you. You're sure to have the most fascinating tour with such a fascinating guide. She will tell you everything about Odesa, where to stay, what to see and where to lunch. She will meet you in our Infocenter with sincere smile and cup of coffee.




Nikita is one of the youngest guide in Free Tours Odesa but very enthusiastic one. He is a student of National Technological Academy so there will be none better to advise you about Ukrainian national food and best places to taste it. Besides deep interest in history of his native city, he enjoy... stars and other planets! So be sure you will get real pleasure walking with him along the shady streets and boulevards of Odesa and listening stories about Odesa and Universe.






Olga is a very friendly and communicative guide. She speaks fluent English and Italian. Her grandparents were German so her second native language is German. Olga has a Masters degree in Economics whose passion to work with people and travel had brought her as a crewmember of cruise ship. She loves to discover new cultures and study new languages. Her passion is cuisine, local wines and of course Odesa.





Lyuda  is an incredibly optimistic and lovely girl, who'd show you our city, all its picturesque looks and tell you a plenty of amazing stories, since there is nothing ordinary about Odesa. She's open for communication, experience exchange, sharing her own knowledge and obtaining new one. She adores travelling, plans a lot, has a plenty of original ideas and makes a great efforts to implement most ambitious ideas.





Victoria is an optimistic, energetic and communicative person so be sure you won`t be bored! She will gladly show you the city and exchange knowledge about whatever you like not just city's history. It's possible to talk of her for hours, but you'll see it all for yourself when you meet her;)











Anya is an optimistic and cheerful person, a former student of Odesa National Mechnikov University. She is keen on theatres, likes communicating with people and traveling. Her dream is to see different countries and cities and to get acquainted with people of different cultures. Anya loves her native city Odesa very much and will be fond of walking around its wonderful streets and sharing her feelings with you.






Natasha is a new guide of  Free Tours Odesa team. She has already earned the love of tourists and respect of the whole team. Natasha enjoys learning English and the history of British culture. Natasha's future profession is a doctor. If during the tour something will happen to you, be sure that Natasha will always be able to provide first aid and tell the story of Odesa at the same timeJ






Student  of Pedagogical University. He is fluent in English, for Vlad   working  in  Free Tours its another opportunity to learn the language with native speakers, and ability to apply it during excursions and assisting  tourists. Vlad is a very open-minded  and creative person, if you see him, you won’t doubt that he is a native citizen of Odesa. because in addition to a delicate sense of humor, Vlad comes to Free Tours with a great mood and wearing traditional frock.







Aleksandr Ragulin

Sasha is talented and responsible guide. Hi has very serious attitude to work and he is  always open to conduct a free tours for kids with disabilities. On Alexanders excursions you may discover a lot of facts from the history of Odessa and  tours conducted by our guide will not leave you indifferent.


Excursions can be ordered individually through our Facebook page. 


Meeting point and the beginning of the tour:
arbor in the City Garden