Searching for a budget accommodation in Odessa? Preferring private apartments to hotels? Or in contrast like luxury hotels? Have any questions concerning accommodation and housing services in Odessa feel free to contact us.

Tourist Infocenter Free Tours Odessa  offers you a great choice of budget and premium class apartments in the center of Odessa or upon your request. Call us anytime to make a request or to ask for help.

Description of accommodation types:

Hotel - an establishment of at least 10 rooms that corresponds to high standards and offers dining service (restaurant).

Hostel - a simple establishment for holiday, sport or study visitors, which offers dining or cooking facilities.

Guest apartment - an establishment with food-preparing facilities, which is rented out in entirety.

Camping site - an establishment providing limited accommodation service, that has cottages and/or enclosed areas for tents and/or caravans, parking lot and cooking facilities.

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Meeting point and the beginning of the tour:
arbor in the City Garden